Beer Festival Les Herbiers 2025

We have been invited to visit Les Herbiers in 2025 for an International Beer Festival.  We have just received confirmation of the Beer festival date from Les Herbiers as Saturday 5th April 2025.

The event will be held in the Herbauges exhibition hall in Les Herbiers with Brewers attending from the other Twin Towns with Les Herbiers.  Corea in southern central Spain, Liebertwolkwitz near Lipzig Germany, Les Herbiers / Nantes and Newtown Brewers.
It’s Obviously difficult for Les Herbiers Twinning to arrange such an event with other towns from different countries involved, so we have to run with the date they have given of the 5th of April.

We already have two local Breweries showing interest and keen to join us, Monty’s and Bragdy Tanat and the possibly of Wilderness Newtown yet to be established.  We are keen to support our local breweries and we hope the visit will be useful to the Brewers both financially and an exchange of crafts and ideas.

We are currently looking at leaving Newtown on the 2nd or 3rd of April 2025 and returning on the Monday 7th April, however the exact times and dates will depend on a number of factors such as Ferry crossings and any further information we receive from Les Herbiers.

As the Beer Festival is only to be held on the Saturday, we would like to take a leisurely sightseeing journey through France and a more relaxing ferry crossing possibly the Portsmouth St Malo overnight crossing on the outward journey and a day cruise on the return.  This also gives us time in Les Herbiers to visit other nearby attractions such as La Rochelle or one of the local Islands such as Noirmoutier.

Unfortunately, the dates of this visit will be during school term times making it difficult for those working and anybody involved in education.
If you are interested in joining us on this visit, please keep these dates free.
More details regarding this 2025 visit will follow and we will keep you informed of all updates.