Local Organisation Links

Building Links:

Schools, College, sporting organisations and cultural organisations within our twin towns. 

  • Walking: A French walking group from Les Herbiers have been visiting during our Food Festival for the last three years and hope to return again in 2017 to join with our local ramblers to undertake a series of walks in our area.  In July 2017 we are visiting Les Herbiers for their Craft Fair and will be taking Newtown Walkers from the Walking Newtown group and others to Les Herbiers to experience rambling in France.  (For more information regarding this visit please see the News and Events section of our website)
  • Cycling: On the 20th of Oct 4 members of Newtown Twinning Association Committee visited Les Herbiers at their own personal cost to join members of Les Herbiers Twinning Association in their celebrations of 20 years of their Twinning Association.  We were joined on our visit by 3 representatives of Hafren Cycling Club Steve Calidicott (Club Secretary), Steve Taylor (Club Chairman) and Alun Roberts (Club member and Twinning Corporate member).  The three cyclists visited Les Herbiers on a fact finding mission to experience and take part in the world famous Chrono des Nations cycling event held in Les Herbiers every October.  They were hosted by Daniel Bousseau a keen supporter of Twinning and a Committee member of the Chrono event and obviously a keen cyclists!  In our cyclists own words Daniel and Jeanine were incomparable hosts, generous and attentive in all things, showing them the area on a bike obviously!  Our 3 cyclists had a great time participating in the Rondo, a 110Km ride and made new friends during the event.  HCC have a long report of their travels on their website found at: http://www.hafren.cc/community/hafren-cc-represent-newtown-twinning-association/.  To quote the club: “The club will now look at how the club might support a performance programme to try and get a rider in the Chrono for next year and also look at participation in the Rondos. We are also thinking how we might host events to attract riders from the Clubs of Les Herbiers. Daniel, a great planner, is already plotting a ride from Les Herbier to Newtown in 2018, Gaby and Francois may well join them, but, in Daniel’s word “much water has to flow under the bridge before”
  • Rugby: We are currently in discussion with Newtown Rugby club regarding a possible visit for the youth team to Les Herbiers in June 2017.  Possibly a 7’s tour!
  • Tennis: Les Herbiers Tennis Club is keen to set up links with Newtown Tennis Club and will soon be proposing possible opportunities for this new experience.
  • Running: We are also waiting for a reply regarding Les Herbiers runners to host or take part in link events with Maldwyn Harriers.  We hope there will be an opportunity for some Maldwyn Harriers to join us on our visit in June 2017 to take part in an organised event.  We will keep you informed!
  • Choir: We are also aware that the Newtown Silver Band and the Newtown Mail Voice Choir are keen to visit Les Herbiers on a cultural / musical exchange.  We can now confirm that Newtown Male Voice Choir are organising a visit / tour to Les Herbiers in 2018.
  • Bands: We have made enquiries with Les Herbiers to invite French Marching Bands to take part in our Carnival Celebrations in June 2017 and await their reply.
  • High Schools: We recently met with Mr Harkness the Head of Newtown High School and he is very interested in developing a productive partnership with Newtown Twinning in the future.  One of the first projects is to provide an opportunity for 4 local Newtown Students over 18 years to join 12 other students from Germany, Spain and France on a joint restoration project in Les Herbiers, possibly a chateau with all expenses paid in June 2017.  We are also currently working with the French Department to set up Pen Pal links with schools in Les Herbiers and consider many other ways in which Newtown and Les Herbiers schools can link.
  • The College: We also have new links with NPTC (COLLEGE) Newtown regarding the Craft Fair visit in June.  A number of students and staff from NPTC Newtown undertaking Young Enterprise are hoping to sell their products in Les Herbiers in June 2017.
  • Exchanges: In March / April 2018 we are looking forward to welcoming some commerce students from Les Herbiers to undertake work experience in some of our Newtown retail outlets in our Town Centre through the Erasmus project.  We will be looking for host families and would encourage anybody interested in hosting to get in touch.
  • Music: We are currently looking to set up links with Les Herbiers Music School, Ecole de musique Les Herbiers:


If you are interested in helping us to develop this link then please can you contact us to discuss the possibilities.

  • Golf: Les Herbiers Golf Club are very keen to link with Golf Clubs in         the Newtown area and have asked us to try to set up links.  If you are      interested in helping us to develop this link then please can you contact us   to discuss the possibilities with Golf des Alouettes:



Please contact us on: newtowntwinning@gmail.com