New Direction

Our New Twinning Association

  • Re-Formed: Our new Twinning Committee was formed early 2015.
  • Meetings: We meet regularly to discuss twinning issues and projects with the aim of supporting a wide range of Newtown Organisations.
  • Commercial Focus: We now have an additional agenda to focus on supporting and promoting local business in addition to our work with local organisations.
  • Promoting and selling our local Food products: As a result of our French friends contribution to the Newtown Food Festival in 2015, they developed the idea of an international food festival of their own in Les Herbiers: The Jum Regal.  As a newly formed committee, we supported the Les Herbiers Jum Regal in 2015 and decided to promote our local producers at this event by running a commercial activity on their behalf advertising, promoting and selling Montgomeryshire products in Les Herbiers.  The event was very successful commercially & over £4,000.00 of sales were made by us on their behalf.  This is now an established biannual event at which we will promote Montgomeryshire products in the future. We can confirm that Les Herbiers are in the process of organising the next Jum Regal International Food Festival for 2018 and we intend taking Food and Drink produce from Newtown and District local producers as we have done previously.  This has also given confidence to some local producers to attend other French events such as the forthcoming large commercial ‘Chrono’ fair in Les Herbiers in October.
  • Visiting French Markets: French producers and the Les Herbiers committee with a range of Vendee products will continue to visit the Newtown Food Festival every September.  In September 2017 we hope to be running a French Village at the Newtown Food Festival, incorporating a French Cafe offering a selection of wine, pateserie and coffee; A French market run by Les Herbiers Committee offering a wide range of French Vendeen Local products; a Les Herbiers tourist information centre and lots more in the village!
  • Promoting and selling our local Craft products As we head into 2017, we now expanding this commercial success to the promotion and sales of local Montgomeryshire crafts (from all our many gifted local artists and craftspeople) at a new International Crafts Fair to be held in Les Herbiers. In June 2017 Newtown Twinning Association have organised a visit to the Les Herbiers Craft Fair and we will be supporting Craftspeople from Newtown and District at this Craft Fair.  We will be taking a wide range of crafts from the area to sell at the Fair on behalf of our local craftspeople.  Newtopia and No.1 High Street two craft outlets in Newtown are working with us and Young Enterprise students at NPTC Newtown along with other independent craftspeople will be joining us to sell their products at the Fair.  (For more information regarding this visit please see the News and Events section of our website)
  • Website:  As you can see we have started to set up our new website as a link from the Newtown Town Council website,  this is currently under development.
  • Town Council Support: We are financed partly from the Town Council and have a Town Councillor serving on our committee.  However, to enable us to set up links and undertake further commercial work for the benefit of the town and its people we are trying to increase both our personal and corporate membership.  If you are interested in joining Newtown Twinning please visit Membership on our website.