What Twinning Brings to Newtown and Montgomeryshire

What can Twinning offer a town?

  • What twinning brings to Newtown:

It potentially can cover a vibrant array of areas, for example art & culture, young people, work experience, education, sports, business, sustainable development, citizenship, public services, economic growth, social inclusion etc.

  • Bringing People together:

By bringing people together from different countries and cultures, it gives us an opportunity to share problems & solutions, exchange opinions, learn from each other, and create friendships through common interests and issues.

What Newtown Twinning Association offers Newtown?


  • Cultural experiences accessible to all Newtown residents
  • Making links with Schools and Colleges. We take Newtown students to events in Les Herbiers and encourage their participation in exchange activities which can help develop a range of life skills.
  • Bringing different Cultural organisations together.
  • We are currently working with: Newtown High School; NPTC Newtown; Newtown Male Voice Choir; Newtown Silver Band; Montgomeryshire Youth Music; North Powys Youth Band; Newtown Musical Theatre; Bro Hafren choir; New Dynamics Choir; NYP Theatre Group; Maldwyn Strings; Ffonic.
  • We welcome suggestions from any cultural organisation regarding possible future links.
  • We support the Erasmus project and support exchange students with work placements and organise their hosting.
  • We support Newtown Carnival on an annual basis.
  • We offer a range of hosting opportunities providing Newtown people with the opportunity to meet People from our twin town which often leads to sustained continental friendships.
  • We organise French Film evenings for people in Newtown.

Sport and Recreation:

  • We willingly help set up Sporting and Recreational links with our Twin Town Les Herbiers.
  • We are currently involved in supporting Hafren Cyclists with their annual visits to the Chrono.
  • We have well established walking exchanges both in Newtown and Les Herbiers with the help of Newtown Walking.
  • Newtown Tennis Club are linking with Les Herbiers and recently hosted a professional tennis coach who worked in Newtown and Montgomery clubs.
  • We have promoted running opportunities through Maldwyn Harriers such as the Gois race Les Herbiers and have developed and offered Rugby, Golf and Canoeing opportunities to Newtown clubs.


  • We promote local business through a number of different events, organised with our Twin Town Les Herbiers:
  • The Jum Regal Les Herbiers: An international Food Festival where Newtown and Montgomeryshire products are sold at an international European market.
  • The Les Herbiers Craft Fair: Selling and promoting Newtown Crafts
  • The Chrono Trade Fair Les Herbiers
  • We sell locally produced products at these events on behalf of Newtown and Montgomeryshire producers.
  • Newtown Food Festival: We have supported the Newtown Food Festival for the last 4 years, with 50 French people visiting the event.
  • Our friends in Les Herbiers have brought a French Market / Village to the Festival during this time for the enjoyment of Newtown People
  • We support many local businesses through our many events in our town such as music events, Gala dinners, buffets, choir performances, Film evenings, Pique Nique, walks etc.

Visits to Les Herbiers:

  • We organise regular visit to Les Herbiers, an excellent opportunity for people in Newtown to meet people in Les Herbiers and travel and experience France and its culture.
  • The Jum Regal International Food Festival opportunities to meet Spanish, German and French people from different twin towns
  • The Craft Fair and visits to Puy Du Fou and Walking Les Herbiers
  • The Chrono Cycle event and Grand Trade Fair
  • And many future visits with other interests. Please see recent Telegraph article: one of the 20 best places in world to visit.