Chrono Race and Chrono Trade Fair with HCC : Oct 2018

Chrono Race and Chrono Trade Fair with HCC 2018

From the 10th October 2018 to 16th Oct 2018:

Newtown Twinning Association is very pleased to support HCC again this year at the Chrono.  Hafren Cycle Club members return to take part in the 37th Chrono des Nations on the Sunday 14th October and the Randonnee du Chrono La Walter Beneteau held on the Saturday 13th Oct 2018.


Also please see the links below to the Chrono website and facebook page:

Meeting Nathalie Orhan at Golf Des Alouettes

Meeting Nathalie Orhan at Golf Des Alouettes hoping to bring some Welsh Golfers with us during the Jum Regal visit!  Golf des Alouettes are waiting to welcome Newtown Golfers!

Meeting one of our 2018 Students Coralie Teiller

Meeting Coralie in HyperU Les Herbiers and making arrangements for all the 2018 Erasmus students to meet the Jum Regal party and their 2018 host families in December during the Friday reception at the Mairie Les Herbiers.

Coralie sends her best wishes and a gift for Kate our chairperson!

Official Opening of the Chrono and Fair 2018

Attending the opening ceremony of the Chrono Fair and Chrono.  Meeting Jean Luc Charpentier, Véronique Besse  ( Mayor Les Herbiers ) and  Jacques Pineau head of the Chrono.

The 2018 Nations Chrono Riders were received at the city hall by the mayor, Véronique Besse, accompanied by Jacques Pineau and Thierry Adam, organizers of the cycling event that took place Sunday, October 14

The Chrono Race and Saturday Randonnee 2018

Newtown Twinning wish Emma all the very best for the Chrono.  Newtown Twinning joined HCC members to support Emma Serjeant in her time trial at the Chrono.   A very courageous effort Emma!  Newtown Twinning will support you again next year at the Chrono time trial.

Just a few snaps from an amazing weekend. Thank you so much to Newtown Twinning Committee, Comite de Jumelage du Pays des Herbiers, Hafren Cycling Club and 42 Degrees coaching for making this happen. A special thank you to Andrew Gentle and Steve Taylor and to our wonderful hosts Daniel Bousseau and Jeanine and also to our lovely new friends from Newtown and Les Herbiers for your hospitality and support. Until next year…..

Visiting Ecole de Musique Les Herbiers and the Theatre

Visiting Ecole de Musique Les Herbiers and meeting Bruno the Directeur to discuss the 2020 music visit.  Also visiting the Theatre Les Herbiers where the joint concert will be held.  Everybody so welcoming!!

Visiting Ghislain

Visiting Ghislain and his lovely family and making arrangements to visit his bar Lili in La Rochelle during the December Jum Regal!

We are also asking about a Boulangerie Artisan for Andy to visit and exchange with during the Jum Regal Christmas visit.  Andy’s bread:

Visiting La Rochelle and Julien at Bar Lili

Bar Lili La Rochelle!   Looking forward to our return with our party from Newtown visiting during the Christmas Jum Regal.   Visiting La Rochelle on a pre-visit in preparation for our December visit to the Jum Regal Christmas International Food Festival!  Lots to see and do a beautiful old port.  Visiting Ghislain and Julien in their bar Lili for lunch, excellent food and great hosts we will return in December!

Visiting Staff and the 2019 Students at La Louisière

Visiting La Louisière and meeting the new Erasmus students for 2019.  Meeting the staff Véronique Bret, Marie-Christine Maleyrot and Mr. Laurent Tetedoie and preparing for the students visit to Newtown in March 2019.  Hoping the 2018 students can join us on our visit to La Rochelle on the Sunday of the Christmas Jum Regal!

Welcoming members of HCC and the Celtic Soiree

Welcoming all HCC members in Les Herbiers at La Grange Fleurie before attending the Celtique Soiree for the Chrono at the newly refurbished Herbauges with all HCC members and Jill and Alan Payne.