French Conversation – Feb 2022

For anyone interested in improving their French language skills.
Luc, a French national from the Hanging Gardens Llanidloes has been in touch with the following information. Contact:

If you are interested then lets start the French talking groups.
Could you help me please gathering people to start the 1st group?
I’ve created a doodle to ask people their preference for a date to start the group:

Could you share this with as many people as possible. Thank you in advance.
These are the dates where I can be available for the group. Then we can decide if we want to meet weekly, fortnightly…etc

I picture it as a friendly informal talking group in French where we can have discussion topics. I’ll share it also with other French people in Llanidloes to make sure we can have some native French speaker in the group as well.

PS: if we choose a time before 5pm, the café will still be open so it could be nice (having drinks and food)

All people interested in joining please contact me directly, my email is at the top of this message
Many thanks and hopefully see you  there.