Pen Pal Request Feb 2021

Dear all,

We hope all is well with you and that you are keeping safe during the lockdown.  As you are no doubt aware we currently have little opportunity for any cross-channel exchange apart from the occasional virtual meeting between Les Herbiers and Newtown Twinning Association committees.    However we recently had a request from one of our followers Lizzie Furneaux who is currently living in France and now teaching English to French students. Lizzie has asked us if we can pass on her request for any local young people /students aged between 12-16 years who would be interested in becoming pen pals.  Obviously this is a great opportunity for young people to engage with others during this Covid pandemic.

Lizzie would:

“Like to encourage Pen Friends (Not emails or face timing) actual letter writing with guidance from parents or teachers, concentrating on language and culture. The French young people are to write in English and the English young people are to write in French.  Receiving an actual letter in the post during these difficult times is quite exciting, especially with a foreign stamp and lots of news and photos inside.  Obviously young people will need to be matched to similar interests and age.  Currently Lizzie has 3 students, 3 girls ages 12, 13 and 15, with more French students arriving soon.”

If you are aware of any young person / student in the Newtown area who you think would be interested in getting involved in this Pen Pal exchange of letters then please can you contact us at this email address ( and we will set up the initial links.

Please be aware that Newtown Twinning will not be overseeing this exchange, the process of the exchange between Lizzie’s students in France and local students here would have to be monitored by parents / teachers in the Newtown area.

Best wishes to all

Many thanks