Request from a Children’s Play Leader – May 2022

This letter below was recently sent to all Heads of Local Newtown Primary Schools and villages regarding a request from a Children’s Play Leader in Les Herbiers our twin town. If you know of any Primary teacher or children’s group leader who may be interested in making the link please can you contact us at the email address at the bottom of the letter.

I’m writing on behalf of Newtown Twinning Association regarding a request we have had from our twin town, Les Herbiers in the Vendee, W. France. Marion Bourdet works with their town council as a Children’s Play Leader responsible for out of school activities for 7 – 11 year olds. She is keen to make a connection with a school or children’s group in Newtown with an aim to learn about each other’s surroundings and culture and to learn new words through games. She envisages this would be by correspondence initially, presumably email, and could include photos and videos.

Our hope is that there may be a teacher within your school/organisation who would like to take up this proposal and make some enquiries, directly with Marion, to see how it could work for both groups. This would be purely an exploratory exercise with no commitment at this stage.

It would be very helpful for us to know your views on this, even if you don’t feel it’s something your school/organisation would be interested in, and if there is a member of staff who would like to know more and make contact with Marion, please get in touch with their contact details by replying as soon as possible by email to: The Secretary Newtown Twinning Association at:

Very many thanks and we look forward to your reply.

Kate Rayner
Newtown Twinning Association